I like girls and I cannot lie

A couple of things I wanted to try...
bottom one was from last week.
I draw too much girls.... (>x<)



last week...

I didn't leave my house ><... except the one day that I went down to the lake to sketch... now my muscles are mush.

So I finally got around to painting the sketch I told myself I was going to paint... and here she is.

This was an IVR Engineer that I did for fun for CHOW topic.


post-hiatus dump

So... no updates for the longest time, been busy with trying to enslave myself for tuition ^^;;

Anyways.... Went to downtown harbourfront to sketch from life before the fireworks with BrandonDarik, and Rich....

This was pinup week challenge with DarikBrandon,  JeromeRyanChristine, and Rich at the beginning of summer

This was for Hobo week challenge with Darik at the beginning of summer

Sat down and sketched a couple of weeks ago so I could annoy Bubbles while he animated xD

Recent study of the awesome Will Grahm... (or however you spell his last name) from Hannibal.