soooooo.... more sexy layouts~~ <3
need to buy me more markers.... ><
The non-markers are the sequential shot stuffs
Despite the all-nighters I always end up pulling for layout... it's pretty fun and it's well worth the lack of sleep~~


oh hell no!

This character evolved from a caricature of a girl at the Eaton's Centre. 
lolol this was really fun animutinnnng xD
and because of this.... I ended up hooked to Fresh Prince of BelAir. boooooo now I haz sum distraction

oh hell no! - 2nd year sheridan animation expression from K.M on Vimeo.

Link to one of the BEST scene's by Will Smith... got me watching Fresh Prince... lolol




This was a pretty fun assignment.
Now I know why guys love big boobs... it's so fun to animate lololol


sunday morning

This was for an interior assignment.
I wanted to paint something that was juxtaposed (for lack of a better word). So i tried using 'happy' colours to depict a 'tragic' scene.
I had problems with getting the right colours and warm/cool balance. I had to start over and the final piece was the second attempt. I had to change to colour palette from my original colour study thumbnail completely. There wasn't enough of cool/warm balance in the first one and though everything else worked (values, staging, etc)... it wasn't holding together because there was a complete lack of cool/warm contrast as well as colour harmony.
Hey.. I learned something! fufufufu~~~

gouache is such a headache.. tsktsk


fudge sundae~

Update.... sooo much school work... haven't had much time to go to life drawing >< boooo....
Here are some stuffs...

This was for a poster for a skating event. Used Yuna Kim as reference lollol... maaaaajor lez crush on her fufufufuu.



first day LD TT,TT

so I haven't drawn all summer... this is first day back in life drawing... gahh.
excuse the quality. CP pics.

gestures... 30 sec- 2min

longer-ish... 3 mins and up


red red red red

sooo.... reeeeeeeed.
I like the word "phantom" 

haven't updated in forever... I've been too lazy to scan haha. hopefully those sketches can find their way to my blog before I deem them unworthy >,<



xtian... habeerday, tol!!
typical xtian pakyut drunk face.

shitton more bdays to go... so take it easy on the booze, ciggs, and chikas!
hang in there tol :))

lawllsss laki ng ilong mo.


dot dot dot

quick sketch... phone pic. can't concentrate... can't draw... too much of... nothing that consumed everything. 

"We stopped checking for monsters under the bed once we realized they're inside of us."


mistress in café

... and her cheap watered down cappuccino. lawllss sorry wifeyy I'm tired of ya face xP and this is all the sexiness you can get.

This is to make up for not visiting someone at work while she was bored (cuz she was being lazy, not wanting to clean tables like what she's paid to do, and such lolol)

(you're paid to work, not chillax! xD)
lolol it looks like you're sitting in a cafe, waiting for a married man. xD


yii yiiieeee

benjamin study...

 something I did for my peer mentoring thing...
 zoo... lol doing this separate from the bottom cuz I forgot to include it in the bottom one
 some sketches of people (and a few animals lol) ... a few of these people were people on the subway the day of the eaton mall shooting... I got stuck in the subway for like an hour >,, >



been a while... anywaysss tried to focus on colour and value here...

can I travel pleaaaase?
someone give me a plane ticket!! ( ; ,, ; )



"no limits, no top end
just a high velocity rush
                                          to madness"

maybe colour this later. tried to hit values and underwater feel... ugh.


Bubbles is beside me.

Quick study for today. Because I forgot my usb at home so can't work on the one I was frustrated with yesterday lol...
Tried to keep an eye on my values and keeping a loose feel to it.
For once, I kinda liked how it turned out.

Jon Snow <3 ... because I can.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Did this a couple of days ago... 
Soooo frustrated with what I'm working on right now.... >,< so... blerghhh I'm uploading this to distract from frustration. I need more liiiiiiiiiiife.