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It's been forever since I last updated this. Been crazy busy with the third yr film and internship. But here is  a link to my 2013-2014 portfolio :)

Khoebe's Online Portfolio



old-ish life drawings

Haven't had much time to go to extra life... so busy with group film...
some life drawing from the beginning of September... then splotches here and there...
I want more time for life drawing ><


everyone's a hero in their own mind

Heroes and Villains assignment.
This was pretty fun... I spent way more time on the double figured one but somehow I like the single figure one better.


end of summer stuff

Long time no update. 
But here is a sketch of a camping trip from memory... because I forgot to take a picture.

I wanted to try a couple of things with this one... I worked on this in between building my model ship :))

Oh yeah.. this was from first half of summer... sketchinn



I like girls and I cannot lie

A couple of things I wanted to try...
bottom one was from last week.
I draw too much girls.... (>x<)



last week...

I didn't leave my house ><... except the one day that I went down to the lake to sketch... now my muscles are mush.

So I finally got around to painting the sketch I told myself I was going to paint... and here she is.

This was an IVR Engineer that I did for fun for CHOW topic.


post-hiatus dump

So... no updates for the longest time, been busy with trying to enslave myself for tuition ^^;;

Anyways.... Went to downtown harbourfront to sketch from life before the fireworks with BrandonDarik, and Rich....

This was pinup week challenge with DarikBrandon,  JeromeRyanChristine, and Rich at the beginning of summer

This was for Hobo week challenge with Darik at the beginning of summer

Sat down and sketched a couple of weeks ago so I could annoy Bubbles while he animated xD

Recent study of the awesome Will Grahm... (or however you spell his last name) from Hannibal.



So this was a side assignment with My Good Friend Darik and Ahjussi... urban idea... went for like a chinatown-ish feel... struggled with it a lot... need to do more layout sketching... also... it's hard to paint while you're sick... your nose running every half a minute is so distracting.... =.=; lolol.... anywayss it's kinda dreary cuz it sucks being sick... no actually... I've just wanted to do a rain scene for the longest time ever.


mcdonalds is the best when you're sick

 Haven't been updating... was busy looking for a job... but sadly.. still don't have one ; , ;


Here's my version of 'bloody mary'... a side assignment I did with Darik and Ahjussi :]]

Here is a sketch I did a long time ago... never got around to uploading... but meh likes it!

Some more sketchbook stuffs...

Oh... I might as well upload this just in case I change the banner later on...

Anyways... back to studying for me... Be back with hopefully improved skillage!


west of doom... plus one

Thanks for the really good feedback ahjussi!!

 Here are some of the boards... I tried to go for a graphic look...

Creature designs for inclass...

 Some LD... and Mara, Miss Nars

Some Ink washes... these were really fun

A sketch from last (?) month... that I thought was smexxzy.

Aaaaand. painting study... seargent. tried to paint a bit more loosely than I am accustomed to... as well as learn a few things...  

 Here is the process...


[ title missing ]

Been a while....
been trying stuffs....
Between the epic amount homeworkload and being sick... I've only had the chance to go to extra life 2-3 times a week... so heartbreakingly sad.... TT^TT

Some cute stuffs from pages of zee sketchiibook~<3
cutelingsss for zee roommate BUBBLES~<3

And in some mall... while I was waiting for my sister to finish her girly shopping spree... ... ...


the wild west

Character lineup for the wild west for the Great Stagecoach...
I found my purple pen~<3