Self portrait....
supposed to be looool.
I wanted to do a face and I didn't want to fuck up someone else's face... so I did mine lolll... I really like Benjamin's style... his colours and everything... this is an epic fail in that sense... but mehhhh. It took waaay too long that I lost track... more than I intended anyway.
At least I accomplished learning values through colours... ish. loooool

[ba't di pa sabihin...
ang hindi mo ma amin...
ipauubaya nalang ba 'to sa hangin...
huwag mo ikatakot...
ang bulong ng damdamin...
mo...]- up dharma down.


School stuuufffs. (part1)

First thing this semester:
character posing from the beginning of the term:

layout stuuufffuuffs:

horizontal pan... cupcaaaakesss <3 <3 (this idea originated from hunger and a craving for something sweet loooolol) 

Other stuffs will have to wait till I get back to Oakville.... the rest are in the school network >,<

anyhuuu... boxing day tomorrow... erm I mean later...
I will, yet again, realize how poor I am loooll...

Happy holidays <3


waterfalls! nyaaaan...

aaaanyhuuu.... I've always wanted to paint waterfalls and I finally did a studyyy :)) 1hr, one layer ... ended up lookin kinda blurry tho awww... oh well... too much sugar on a sleepless night perhaps? loool yes, let us blame the cakes.

greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen and water makes me happppppiii :))

Merrii kurisumasuuuuuu <3


first study (=,=)

First 'study'.... I meant to start a bit earlier on in the winter break but got a bit sidetracked by people and alcohol lolll.... aaaanyway.... 1.5 hrs on one layer. I told myself I was not going to go OCD on details... and I didn't yaaaaay ^,^...

If you look close enough... you'll see HER. 

[Dare no tame ni ikite iru no?
Saenai hibi o sugoshite
Yowasa mo itami mo
Dono kurai kanjiteru no?
Tarinai kinou ni obore
Yume ni kaita kyou]-- YUI <3

(.... will post an end of term dump soon.)


LD first week of Nov

First post... LD from first week of Nov... too bad the drawings on the back showed up... gotta draw lighter lol