the wild west

Character lineup for the wild west for the Great Stagecoach...
I found my purple pen~<3


steampunk freakshow! ...aand other things

So these character concept sketchiiis are set in a Steampunk FreakShow and was ubeeeerr fun so posting them...
can't wait to do enviros for it~ <3

These two were in-class assignment to put drapery costumes on a nude model... was alsooooo mad fun~ tried to go for some elegance here... lol waterfallssss~~

this was just a painting study while I was taking a break from doing storyboards >< .... aaaaand you know you're a major nerd when you study to take a break from homework lolol but whatevahzzz I must be a nerdieee then XP


 soooo.... some life drawings... some pastels here and durrr... I like em red xD


random sketchiii that I likesss

some random painting from a sketchiii that I also liked fufufu...