xtian... habeerday, tol!!
typical xtian pakyut drunk face.

shitton more bdays to go... so take it easy on the booze, ciggs, and chikas!
hang in there tol :))

lawllsss laki ng ilong mo.


dot dot dot

quick sketch... phone pic. can't concentrate... can't draw... too much of... nothing that consumed everything. 

"We stopped checking for monsters under the bed once we realized they're inside of us."


mistress in café

... and her cheap watered down cappuccino. lawllss sorry wifeyy I'm tired of ya face xP and this is all the sexiness you can get.

This is to make up for not visiting someone at work while she was bored (cuz she was being lazy, not wanting to clean tables like what she's paid to do, and such lolol)

(you're paid to work, not chillax! xD)
lolol it looks like you're sitting in a cafe, waiting for a married man. xD