Self portrait....
supposed to be looool.
I wanted to do a face and I didn't want to fuck up someone else's face... so I did mine lolll... I really like Benjamin's style... his colours and everything... this is an epic fail in that sense... but mehhhh. It took waaay too long that I lost track... more than I intended anyway.
At least I accomplished learning values through colours... ish. loooool

[ba't di pa sabihin...
ang hindi mo ma amin...
ipauubaya nalang ba 'to sa hangin...
huwag mo ikatakot...
ang bulong ng damdamin...
mo...]- up dharma down.


School stuuufffs. (part1)

First thing this semester:
character posing from the beginning of the term:

layout stuuufffuuffs:

horizontal pan... cupcaaaakesss <3 <3 (this idea originated from hunger and a craving for something sweet loooolol) 

Other stuffs will have to wait till I get back to Oakville.... the rest are in the school network >,<

anyhuuu... boxing day tomorrow... erm I mean later...
I will, yet again, realize how poor I am loooll...

Happy holidays <3


waterfalls! nyaaaan...

aaaanyhuuu.... I've always wanted to paint waterfalls and I finally did a studyyy :)) 1hr, one layer ... ended up lookin kinda blurry tho awww... oh well... too much sugar on a sleepless night perhaps? loool yes, let us blame the cakes.

greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen and water makes me happppppiii :))

Merrii kurisumasuuuuuu <3


first study (=,=)

First 'study'.... I meant to start a bit earlier on in the winter break but got a bit sidetracked by people and alcohol lolll.... aaaanyway.... 1.5 hrs on one layer. I told myself I was not going to go OCD on details... and I didn't yaaaaay ^,^...

If you look close enough... you'll see HER. 

[Dare no tame ni ikite iru no?
Saenai hibi o sugoshite
Yowasa mo itami mo
Dono kurai kanjiteru no?
Tarinai kinou ni obore
Yume ni kaita kyou]-- YUI <3

(.... will post an end of term dump soon.)